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Friendly Staff

Our staff are happy and filled with excitement! We want you to help our customers with anything they want, as they enter the store you can greet them with a smile. You should be looking forward to give any assistance or special requirements that the customer wants. That customers can even speak to our chef to make sure our their fry-up is best suited to their tastes.

Best Hours

In the morning and early afternoon you can pop in for your breakfast shift; this consists of: waffles, pancakes, a fry-up, cereal, juices. Or in the evening we sell: steaks, mac and cheese, burgers, beers, loaded fries. So come and apply for Brody’s. Anytime is a good time it just depends on what you want.

Fun Times

Brody’s has a buzzing, quirky atmosphere and this is the way we like it! We want people to come into work and have a good time, leaving full with a smile on their faces. We have just refurbished and expanded our premises to two floors in Exeter meaning that both of our restaurants can cater for large parties.

Tell us about yourself

Meet the team!

Hear what it is like to work at Brodys. 


“I have been working at Brody’s for over a year now and I can say I love it! Meeting new people every day keeps the job interesting and also everyone is so friendly here; customers and staff!”


“I love fry-ups so applying for a job here was a no brainer. The selection of food we have is very wide-spread so there is definitely something for anyone.” 


“Being the chef, I take great pride in my work as it is my job to make sure you enjoy your meal. Don’t be afraid to ask for your food a certain way! We will happily do it.”


“No better place to work than with the best fry ups in the world!”